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New Partnership Announcement

BANUGAT x W.A.F (Welfare Aid for the Future)

Exciting! W.A.F (Welfare Aid for the Future) is proud to announce our partnership with Banugat, Banugat is a distinguished British wristwatch brand, founded by the visionary designer Dyran Odunuga. By uniting our resources and shared vision, we aim to create a lasting impact on underserved communities, while continuing to embrace eco-conscious practices.



We specialize in limited-edition, bespoke watches designed in England and meticulously crafted in Switzerland with Swiss Automatic Movements. Our dedication to the arts and culture is showcased in our “Homage” collections, which pay tribute to renowned artists such as Banksy and Michelangelo.


Sustainability Practices


We believe that quality should not come at the cost of sustainability. To create a more responsible and eco-conscious approach to luxury, we offer bespoke services tailored to our clients’ needs and desires. Additionally, we provide a lending platform for watch enthusiasts to borrow our collections without the need to own them, with liquidity supplied by both Banugat and other collectors within our community.



New Partnership Announcement BANUGAT x W.A.F (Welfare Aid for the Future)

W.A.F (Welfare Aid for the Future)


BANUGAT has been a day one supporter of W.A.F (Welfare Aid for the Future) and has believed in our mission/vision from the start. We are optimistic that this partnership will go a long way towards achieving greater success in our outreach programs brought forward by this partnership.  Stay Tuned for updates by liking and following BANUGAT and W.A.F on social media today.





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