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W.A.F Health Outreach

W.A.F Health Outreach To The Bonendale Hospital Littoral Cameroon

Welfare Aid for the Future (W.A.F)  and Partners recently organized and sponsored a health outreach to the Bonasamma District at the BONENDALE HOSPITAL Littoral Cameroon.


Welfare Aid for the Future (W.A.F) and Partners in line with their mission/vision which is serving communities in need decided to visit a small community Hospital to Pay the bills of Patients and also donate materials and equipment to the hospital to help the Hospital provide effective medical services to the community.


With a focus on sustainability we will agree that by donating to the Hospital, We indirectly impacted the community as a whole being served by this hospital. This outreach was appreciated by the Hospital staff and local authorities of Bonendale.

The W.A.F Team of Staff and Volunteers visited the hospital and we were received by the hospital staff led by their Chief of Center Dr. Maya Christelle. Welfare Aid for the Future and its partners used this opportunity to partner with the Hospital to provide more Help going forward not only in the health sector but in education as well.

List of items donated

The coordinator in his speech says,


“It was a wonderful time between #TeamWAF and the staff of the Bonendale Health Center. .With gratitude to our partners and sponsors, we look forward to future collaborations with the health center. . Join us today as we make the world a better place, one step, one day and one life at a time”



Help eradicate poverty, hunger and improve living standards of the less privileged.

Welfare Aid for the Future
W.A.F Health Outreach To The Bonendele Hospital Littoral Cameroon

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