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Free HIV screening campaign by W.A.F - Welfare Aid For The Future

Although AIDS has become very common it is still surrounded by silence. HIV is still a public health problem in Cameroon and the burden of this disease has increased over the past years in the Southwest region. People are ashamed to speak about being infected and many Are still not aware of their status.
We cannot tackle this epidemic unless we can break the silence and remove the stigma [shame] that surrounds it. As leaders in our communities, we have to find a way of promoting early detection of the virus and also to sensitize the community on preventive measures.

The Joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS aims for HIV testing, treatment and viral suppression rates to be 95%--95%--95% by 2025. To achieve the 1st 95% which states that 95% of people living with HIV/AIDS should know their status HIV screening campaigns are encouraged.

Welfare Aid For The Future (W.A.F) has decided to support the Joint United Nations programme on HIV/AIDS by organizing a free HIV/AIDS Screening project to take place in the South West Region of Cameroon in the coming months. Individuals within the age group 13-64 within the targeted health areas will be advised to do an HIV screening test.

This HIV screening intervention will take place in Buea the capital of the Southwest Region of Cameroon. The city is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and has a population of 300,000. This intervention will target 4 health areas in Buea which are :-

  • Muea Health Area
  • Buea Road Health Area
  • Molyko Health Area
  • Buea Town Health Area
This screening intervention will last for a period of 5 days.
If your interested in volunteering or supporting us during this campaign period please get in touch with us via our our Email - or by Phone/Whatsapp : +(237) 674‑655-883 or simply leave us a message via our contact form. The objectives of this campaign is to:-
  • Create awareness about the increase in the burden of HIV in the South West region
  • Sensitizing about 600 people on the importance of regular screening to know their status
  • Screen about 200-500 people by the end of the screening campaign
  • Sensitize them on the preventive measures of HIV
  • A public awareness drive to influence behavior change and encourage openness;
  • Increase access to voluntary HIV testing and counselling;
  • Promote increased condom use to reduce the spread of STD and HIV infections;
  • Improve the treatment of people living with AIDS
Most of the people who are dying are between the ages of 20 and 45 - an age when most people are workers and parents. This has serious consequences for our economy and the development of the country.

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