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Our C.S.R Policy

Social Responsibility Policy Statement


Welfare Aid For The Future (W.A.F) is conscious of the social impact that its activities may have on the community and pays great attention to ensuring that its activities run smoothly, in co-operation with community organizations, civic institutions, contractors and stakeholders. Our Foundations C.S.R initiatives has played pivotal role in improving the lives of people and the society at large, With an objective to energize, involve and enable people and communities to realize their potential. This will enable us to fulfill our commitment to a socially responsible corporate citizen.


The main bjective of W.A.F’s CSR policy is

1.0) to lay down guidelines to make CSR a key process of our activities for sustainable development of the society

2.0) to directly/indirectly undertake projects/programs which will enhance the quality of life and economic well-being of the people and communities where we operate.

3.0) to generate goodwill and recognition among all stakeholders of the company.


Through our Helpline, online forums, Support Groups, and other special social and training events we can help you build links with other adoptive families, both in your area and elsewhere round the world. Talking about your experiences, concerns or problems with other parents who truly understand your situation can make a huge difference.